Month: November 2018

Rat Haiku

she’s soft, black and white

runs and sits on my shoulder

cinderella rat

My Perseverance Timeline: My Papa’s Shop

We chose a person in our life who reached a really big goal through using grit and determination.  I interviewed my papa about his shop, and you can click on my video below to hear his story.

Birdfeeder Prototype

I decided I wanted to attract chickadees with my birdfeeder design.  My problem statement is, “I want chickadees to come to my yard.  I need a bird feeder with sunflower seeds and perches for my bird to stand on.  I will make my feeder safe from cats by making it high up.”

Here are my ideas:

Here is my prototype:


This weekend I went to my Meme’s house.  I played baby with her.  I love my Meme.  She is so much fun.  I get to spend all weekend this week.  I made a cart with her.  I had a lot of things.  She had fun with me.  I put them to sleep.  I fed them food.  This weekend I am going to have so much fun!

My Meme and I like to use face paint.  My Mimi sits down.  I put it on her.  I made a cat and a rainbow and a flower.

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Thankful Things . . . .

I’m thankful for my mom, dad, Josh King our TA, friends, trees, frogs, leaves, sister, my friends, my dog, my rat, my teacher, food, snow, birds, His kindness, home, socks for me, Papa, books, school, Bible, and much, much more!

Book Review of Charlotte’s Web

Life Cycle of a Seahorse

I read about the life cycle of a seahorse.  An important vocabulary word in my book is cold-blooded.  It means the body temperature changes with the temperature of the water.

Sea horses can live up to five years.  They don’t live in very cold water.  Pygmy seahorses are less than one inch long.

The life cycle goes eggs, baby sea horses, juvenile sea horses, and adults.