Month: October 2019

Vermont Adventure–American Precision Museum


You should really go to the American Precision Museum.

The first reason you should go is you can interact with the machines.  The 3D printer is so cool.  I got to bring home one thing from it.  There is a robot you can move with an iPad.  They typewriter is so, so cool.  I got to use it.

The second reason is you can learn history.  You can learn about old machines, and learning about old machines is so cool.  You can learn by watching a video about the town, which is Windsor.  You can see and use some of the things there.

The last reason is it is a fun thing to do.  There are working mini figures that actually move.  It is fun to do with a family.  They have a gift shop with moving things.

My conclusion is it’s fun and educational.


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