Month: May 2020

Vermont Wheel of Plants and Animals

Rat created a wheel showing an important plant and animal of Vermont for every month of the year, highlighting how they look in that season based on research and observation.

Staying Busy


If you click on these, you can see some movies of our fiddlehead hunting and swinging at the playground!



Another movie of our adventure:  IMG_0241

During the weekend, we jumped on our trampoline, played outside, and I played in my room.

Fiddlehead Hunting

We have been going fiddlehead hunting!
It is fun and a way to get out of the house.
Plus you are having fun with your family.
These are pictures that my dad took.

Wonder Day: Making Doll Furniture

My question was about ways I could make doll furniture for my doll collection.  I used skills I learned from Mrs. Shedd in our STEAM sewing too!  I started with a beanbag chair, sewing on the machine with my dad.


Here it is!  My Wonder Day results!


My Real Life Measurement Project

I decided to make my dad’s pancake recipe.  I wanted to make one of his special recipes, and this one we call Daddy’s Pancakes in our recipe book.  His meals are great.

I used measuring in lots of ways in this project.  I measured with cups and teaspoons to do the ingredients.  I turned the temperature on the stove on to medium.

Other places I used measuring in my real life this week included making brownies too, turning the oven on to a certain temperature when I baked them, and timing how long they should bake with a timer.