Month: October 2020


I am from my dad’s delicious homemade mac and cheese.

I am from a leafy, green, big yard.

I am from the swaying ballet moves.

I am from the splashing of swimming.

I am from the jumping trampoline.

I am from a flowing river and a quiet book.

I am from the woods of camping.

I am from the running soccer games.

My Splot House

My tie-die house will have tie-die cups, tie-die clothes, tie-dye shoes, tie-dye spoons, forks, and knives; tie-dye bowls, tie-dye plates, tie-dye card; tie-dye tables; tie-dye chairs; tie-dye lights, and more.  In my tie-dye house, I will have a popcorn machine.  When you walk into the house, you will see a huge pool with a dolphin in it.  In the living room, there will be a big television.  There will be a gym.  There will be a really big kitchen.  There will be a swimming pool.