Month: May 2019

The Spring is Here!

The slipping sun is like a flashlight.

The grass is like a splish splash puddle.

The wind is like a twist of water.

The flowers are like popping popcorn.

The birds are leaping in the air.

The wind is like a speeding car going by.

The grass wriggles up.

The smell of pollen is here.

The glowing grass is here!

Colonial Candlemaker

Hi, I am a candlemaker in colonial times.  I use waxes, wicks, jars, molds, and more. I use animal fat.  I like to make candles.

Candles are the only sources of light in the houses.  The candles I make are only white. I have to grow a plant to get the string.  I like to do candles. I use the molds to make the candles. I use animal fat to dip the candles in too.

I think it is fun.  Thank you for visiting me.