Month: February 2021

10 Things to be Happy About Pets

  1.  When they cuddle with you.
  2. When they play with you.
  3. When they are excited to see you.
  4. Mia’s tricks like twirling.
  5. Peanut climbing on my shoulder.
  6. Donny training and looking for the birds we throw for him
  7. Running with Lincoln outside
  8. Petting Smokey
  9. Feeding peanut a raspberry
  10. Throwing a ball for Lola

What I Found in My Room

What I Found in My Room


Oh, the things I found in my room!

Smelly sock missing its pair,

Some dolls I never played with,

Lots of cat hair,

Ripped homework due two months ago,

A container with old, hard mac ‘n cheese,

A moldy apple, half eaten,

Dirty clothes that don’t fit me,

And my cat sleeping on top of it all.

Christmas Day!

My family and I got up, and we came downstairs.  I said hi to my rat Peanut.  Then we opened our stockings.  Mom made cinnamon buns for breakfast.  Then we opened gifts.  I gave my mom a pumpkin spice candle.  I gave my baby sister playdough.  It was a nice Christmas.

If I Went Back in Time to Bethlehem

If I were in Bethlehem when Jesus was born, I would be a shepherd because they are running to hear about God.  They ran to see Baby Jesus!

This is what I did.  One day I was walking with my sheep.  I have been hearing about a Savior coming to save us.  I hope He will come soon.

Then one day, I was walking when I saw someone and gave her water.  Then that night, an angel came and said to go to the Savior.

He is here!  He has been born!

I ran as fast as I could to see Jesus.  I ran around telling people about Jesus!

Football Hall of Fame

I got there with my Mimi and Papa.  When I walked in, I had to check in.

I saw a football player on the field.  I went and saw cards of football players.  I got to see my hand against a football player’s statue hand.  I saw videos that told about what the professional players wear.  I learned about different famous football players.

I had fun and learned a lot.

A Paper Clip Candy

Once a paper clip went to a candy store, but there wasn’t any candy.  The paper clip wanted to find out who it was.

He went in the woods and found a note.  It said, “Go back to the candy store!”

So he went back to the candy store and found a note that said, “You ate all the candy!”

It had a picture of a wolf, so the paper clip decided the wolf was the candy thief.

One of My Heroes: My Mom

One of My Heroes:  My Mom

My mom is a hero to me.  She teaches me how to do stuff.  She teaches me to make food and how to do things in order.  She is kind and patient with me and my sisters.  When we get frustrated with work, she is patient with us.  I will always be thankful for Mom.

I’m Talking Smelly!

I’m Talking Smelly!

(a thesaurus poem)


I’m talking smelly!

I’m talking aromatic!

I’m talking fragrant, odorous!

I’m talking perfumed, stinky, evil smelling!

I’m talking funky, rank, whiffy, foul!

I’m talking reeking, putrid, strong, stinking!

I’m talking SMELLY!

New Rules for School Made by Kids

New Rules for School Made by Kids


Make crafts all day.

Eat cookies for snack.

Make one room a beach.

Slide around on roller blades.

Have teachers sled down hills with you in winter.

Read for two hours and then rap.