Month: March 2020

Yesterdays morning meeting

My dad and sister and i did yesterdays morning meeting together and only my dad got it right after watching the video.

My goals

Personal: read more books

Learning:focus more on work

Crazy/dream:go to a state park

Silent Ball

Silent Ball is a quiet game.  You pass balls, and it’s really fun.  For this game, you will need balls and a table or desk for each person.  First, clear off your desk or table.  Second, you need to sit on the desk or table spread around the room.  Third, start passing the balls to people without talking.  If somebody talks, they have to sit down.  If the ball drops, decide without talking who sits down, whether it was a bad throw or a bad catch.  Last, whoever stays up is the winner.  That is how you play Silent Ball.

A joke

Where do pencils come from? Pencil-vania

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