Month: April 2019

Virtual Trip to the Alaskan Iditarod

I chose Aliy Zirkle for my musher to follow in the race.  She was born in New Hampshire.  In her 20’s, she moved to a little town in Alaska.  Her bib number is 19, and I chose her because I want her to win!

I read Silver during the Iditarod.  The girl lives on a mountain in a snowy place.  She kind of has a farm.  The characters are Rachel and her mom and dad.  Rachel is nice and kind.  Dad is caring.  Mom is loving.  I predicted that her little dog will win because he sounds really good.  Rachel has lots of dogs.  They went to a hotel in the story because Rachel’s dad is going to a dog sled race.  The most exciting part was getting to meet Silver because he is so cute.  I liked the book Silver because if is fun, and I love Silver.

I have learned a lot about mushing.  The dogs sleep on straw, and the people can sleep in the sled or on a sleeping bag.  The dogs have to wear booties, and sometimes they wear coats.  I think the dogs like to run.  They love to be outside.  They have fun.

I compared mushing to a sport I love, ballet.  Ballet is different because there is dancing and no animals.  Mushing is different because there are dogs and no dancing.  They are the same because you can do both of them in the winter, and they are both fun.

I made a list of strong Iditarod verbs to use in my writing.  I chose running, yipping, hopping, leaping, riding, bumping, blowing, jumping, sliding, whooshing, and yelling.



Celebration: Meeting a Musher

We got to meet a real musher!  Thank you for coming, Ms. Richardson!

You are really nice.  I liked your dogs.  I liked pulling you on the dogsled like I was a husky.  I liked seeing your equipment.  Thank you for getting us the booties.  I like Dory and Fiona.  I liked taking a picture.  When you said, “Haw!” we went left.  When you said, “Gee!” we went right.

Heat Haiku

Exploding lava

Bubbling hot lava heating

Ashes boiling

My School

My school is so fun.  We can feel the breeze.  The sun is shining all the time.  We can hear the birds.  I like to play with my friends.  We slide on the ice.  We can make snowmen.  In the summer, we play with balls.  We learn so much math here!