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Horseback Riding

On my birthday, I went horseback riding. I rode a horse named Caesar.  First, I had to brush him. I also fed him peppermints. He loved those! I led him out to the field. First, he did a walk, and then he did a trot. I rode and steered him through some posts. He listened fully well.

My Surprise Birthday Gift

On my birthday my dad said I had a suprise at home. When I got home I ran inside to find out my mom and dad got me a pet rat for my birthday. I named him Peanut. He is 10 weeks old. He is so friendly, and he loves to cuddle.


I am leaving my house tonight. I am going to be putting a blog post up every night. i am Going to be there for 10 days i will Also be seeing Morgan and mark at my camp

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Staying Busy


If you click on these, you can see some movies of our fiddlehead hunting and swinging at the playground!



Another movie of our adventure:  IMG_0241

During the weekend, we jumped on our trampoline, played outside, and I played in my room.

Fiddlehead Hunting

We have been going fiddlehead hunting!
It is fun and a way to get out of the house.
Plus you are having fun with your family.
These are pictures that my dad took.

Yesterdays morning meeting

My dad and sister and i did yesterdays morning meeting together and only my dad got it right after watching the video.

My goals

Personal: read more books

Learning:focus more on work

Crazy/dream:go to a state park